Future in the Falls.
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A future TVD Roleplay group.

It's been a long time since back in the day when the biggest trouble Mystic Falls faced was the color of the Founders Day Parade banners. In fact, it's approximately been just under 310 years. Being the year of 2315, it seems as though this town has a lot of problems to deal with, most of which revolving around the Supernatural. Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and even Hybrids.

But it all started in 2009 when a young girl by the name of Elena Gilbert was discovered to be a Doppelganger, someone of importance to Klaus Mikaelson. But with all the other Supernatural friends at her side, she survived, making a life for herself with Matt Donovan after explaining to the Salvatore's she wanted no part in this life any longer.

Now, it's 300 years later and there's another Doppelganger gracing the small town; Juliet Donovan. So with everything repeating itself, lets just hope the story ends the same and she can have a normal life. Or will she lose a lot of people she cares about in the process?

One things for sure in this town, blood will be shed and people will be lost. It seems as that's what this town is most well known for these days.


4th-8th July : Fancy-Dress party - The Grill


Anonymous whispered, "Who had the best time jump paragraph?"

It was never about who’s was best tbh. It was just a way to let us know what happened throughout the course of that year.

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Anonymous whispered, "Can you predict when the new site will be up?"

Well, I’ve got the new site already finished. But I’ve got to write a bunch more bio’s before I can open up again. Particularly the Teen Wolf characters as they need to be written from scratch. The rest I just need to update. I’ve only got a few written up so far because I’ve been busy. Buuuuut, if I had to predict, maybe the 28th? HOPEFULLY. That’s when I’m aiming for. Maybe a day before or after.

theoldestsaltzman whispered, "NEVER MY LOVE I could never forget about this lovely roleplay. Why? Because this is the roleplay that built me up and made me learn all the ropes to roleplaying on Tumblr. It's the very first roleplay I've joined on Tumblr, and I can NEVER forget all the very welcoming and friendly people that welcomed me with open arms - all the friendships created here - and how all the feels just break me down because i love all the characters as if they're my children!!"

I CAN’T EVEN…. FDSFMDSLGDS I LOVE YOU RIGHT NOW. And we’re close to re-opening now. I just need to finish the rest of the bio’s and write up a full plot page on the new main site I’ve created.

Re-Opening and Potential Re-opening: 

People who messaged me a while back saying they were busy, have at least another 24-48 hours to let me know what’s going. The characters include:

Characters re-opened. (People who were them before are welcomed and encouraged to re-apply)

Anonymous whispered, "So what's going on with this place? I'd love to join if you're revamping and whatnot."

We are revamping. :) I just need to re-write most of the bio’s to add what’s gone on since the group opened and see who’s being re-opened and what not. Who would you be interested in applying for?

Giving everyone a further 24-48 hours to like the post as I’ve been pretty busy myself. 

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Anonymous whispered, "are you starting over or? cause i wanted to apply but everyone seems like it already has ships in mind and wahtnot, besides since your putting on new characters maybe you should redo? i mean put a small twist to the plot or something?"

What re-do the entire thing? I’m not sure if ANY of our members would want to do that, and I know for a fact I don’t. I’d have to discuss it with Char. But we’ve been these characters for nearly 7 months now, and I can’t see any of us wanting to just erase everything so we can start over? Especially since we all have ships going on that we like. And ships aren’t the main focus point of a group, and I hate that people join for that reason. So on that note, I can say that we probably won’t re-do it, but like I said, I’ll have to discuss it.


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Summer Hiatus - Almost over. 

So with our Summer Hiatus almost over, I’ve decided to give FITF a major re-vamp. I’m making a new main page, making it look pretty and that. Also, if you’re a member and still interested in taking part of this group, LIKE THIS POST. I’ll also be adding a twist of adding the Teen Wolf characters, making it a crossover. I’ll also be taking on a different character, meaning latest doppelganger Juliet Donovan will be up for auditions at some point. Once I’ve finished re-writing the bio’s with updates from storylines so far (Those I remember anyway. :L) then we can get started. I’ll also be adding the OC’s biographies that have been submitted. Meaning that they’ll be a part of this group whether you leave or not. If you leave, that character will still be a part of this group, as it would have made relationships and what not with other characters.